Kurt Loder apologises to Jewel over infamous MTV interview.

Kurt Loder apologises to Jewel over infamous MTV interview.

Kurt Loder apologises to Jewel over infamous MTV interview.

Celebrity     11 April 2022
Kurt Loder apologises to Jewel over infamous MTV interview.

In the infamous 1998 clip, Loder corrected Jewel's use of grammar, for which he now says he's "ashamed"

Over two decades later, Kurt Loder has apologised to Jewel for the way he spoke to her in an infamous MTV interview from 1998.

During the interview, critic, journalist and TV personality Loder notoriously referred to as Jewel out on her grammar and criticised some of the language she had utilized in one among her poems.

Discussing her then-new poetry series A Night Without Armor, Jewel became interrupted by means of Loder, who disagreed along with her utilization of the word “casualty” in one of the poems. In reaction on the time, Jewel said: “You’re a smart-ass for pointing that out.”

In a new interview with Stereogum this month, Jewel revealed that she was yet to receive an apology of any kind from Loder.

“I simply don't forget searching at him and like announcing, ‘Fuck you.’ I am uneducated, instantly-up. An uneducated youngster that become homeless. You’re a university-knowledgeable guy going after a child, ‘Fuck you.’ I become so pissed. No, no apology.”

Jewel added: “He become just a dick. What an ass to reveal himself like that. It become nearly that factor where you’d experience sorry for somebody, it’s like, ‘Wow, here’s a complete grown guy who does news for youngsters, on a children’s network, for teenagers.’ Yeah. You’re sour.”

In a declaration shared via Yahoo Entertainment, Loder has now apologised for his moves for the first time, writing: “That MTV interview I did with Jewel turned into a shitty factor to do to all of us, and I’ve been ashamed of getting completed it ever considering. If I should go lower back in time I’d smack me in the head. However, I’m now not a college graduate….”

Jewel is about to release new album ‘Freewheelin’ Woman’, her first when you consider that 2015’s ‘Picking Up The Pieces’, this Friday (April 15).

“I cut my enamel on singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and were given into the ones Muscle Shoals statistics a little in a while, and for a few motive that’s where my voice and my writing desired to go in this album,” she stated of the new record.


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