Propaganda Duel Lyrics song and music 2023

Music News     5 May 2023
Propaganda Duel Lyrics song and music 2023

LYRICS PROPAGANDA - DUEL new year 2023 popular propaganda duel lyrics.

Eye to eye stand winners and losers Hurt by envy, cut by greed Face to face with their own disillusion The scars of old romances still on their cheeks REFRAIN: And when blow by blow the passion dies Sweet little death just have been lies The memories of gone by time Would still recall the lie CHORUS: The first cut won't hurt at all The second only makes you wonder The third will have you on your knees You start bleeding, I start screaming It's too late the decision is made by fate Time to prove what forever should last Whose feelings are so true as to stand the test Whose demands are so strong as to parry all attempts.

MUSIC: Propaganda Duel and lyrics


Album: Do Well EP


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