38 Spesh - Above Freestyle Lyrics
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    Above Freestyle

    (Green Lantern)
    Uh, uh, uh
    (The Evil Genius)
    Uh, uh, uh, uh
    Uh, uh, uh, yo
    Uh, uh, uh, yo

    Now hand me a business 'cause mine is stagnant
    I think about the days I ain't have it and I'm grinding at it
    I ain't bragging, we all admire fashion
    I'm the flyest but I ain't matching
    Different colored diamonds clashing
    All I had to do was buy a package
    Now it's the finest fabric with Roberto Cavalli designer glasses
    Nigga, my survival tactic ride with the ratchet
    Keep a big gun inside of the jacket
    I see my man inside a casket
    'Cause he ain't decide to pack it
    It's kinda tragic
    That's how it happened
    Out the bing, boy have it
    For all my niggas caught trappin'
    These the results of living more
    Had to corner the park, mini marts and liquor stores
    Now we can travel anywhere, pick a shore
    Tell these niggas if they want war pick a sword
    And they gon' have to pick these boys up from the floor
    I was poor, that's why I had to pick up raw
    Seen a little bit of money, had to pick up more
    What you think I copped a pickup for?
    Not to pick up broads
    I copped that to bring bricks up north
    I'm the one that the chicks adore
    I switch up whores
    Where you want this dick? Clique or jaw?
    What you think I picked your chick up for?
    She swallow dick? Of course
    What you think she got the hiccups for?
    I ask God to forgive me for all my sins
    Pray for me, my family and all my friends
    Before I had the car with the rims
    I was on the boulevard for a month
    Same Carhartt and Timbs
    Everybody come around when it all begins
    But everybody disappear when it all ends
    So I watch who I keep in my presence
    It's a problem at six then it's deaded at seven
    Nigga, he need the medics, a reverend
    He hospitalized or headed to heaven
    Nigga, uh, you heard what I said
    I mean he hospitalized or better yet dead
    I come through your block with the hammer
    I'm shooting down family trees from the pops to the grandma
    I had three hots and a cot in the slammer
    Now it's three blocks
    One drop, I'm a scrambler, nigga


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