50 Cent - Scarlet Skit Lyrics
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    Scarlet Skit

    [Tony Yayo]
    Son that G-Unit CD is fire man
    Like I said man these niggas look like us, they smell like us but they not us (laughing) real muthafuckin' fire nigga ya heard.

    [50 Cent]
    Yo they think this G-Unit CD is like work, like niggas is sittin' here working.

    (Over 50)
    (gunshot) we still smokin what(what what)

    [50 Cent]
    Peep how niggas is changing, everybody wanna do they freestyles like me and shit

    [Tony Yayo]
    Yeah, everybody wanna fuckin' do there freestyles like us
    Before niggas was just rhyming
    Now niggas wanna make a song with hot.. you know what I'm sayin'

    (50: yeahh) You know what I'm talking bout [50:(laughing) these bum ass niggas!]

    [Tony Yayo]
    Niggas wanna do what we wanna do, know what I'm sayin'

    [50 Cent]
    (Phone ringing ) hold on, hold on (Yayo: what?) Speak on it

    [Sha Money XL]
    Who this?

    [50 Cent]
    It's.. who you callin nigga it's 50

    [Sha Money XL]
    Oh 50 wat up nigga it's sha

    [Tony Yayo]
    Sha Rau (50: wats up my nigga?)

    [Sha Money XL]
    Wats poppin? Yo waddup nigga?

    [Tony Yayo]

    [Sha Money XL]
    Yo listen I was tryin' to get Scarlet to work
    She wasn't tryin' to work
    So I let her leave with the visa and the keys.

    [50 Cent]

    [Tony Yayo]
    Oh shit (laughing)

    [50 Cent]
    You let (cut off by sha)

    [Sha Money XL]
    You said she could have it son

    [50 Cent]
    Yo son listen man. you gave her my credit card son?

    [Sha Money XL]
    Yeah son you know she said she was just gon' get some shoes

    [50 Cent]
    Son the last time she bought some shoes man I got the receipt for $5,000 son
    I had to ask her if you bought shoes for ya car or for your feet?

    [Tony Yayo]
    (laughing) oh shit

    [50 Cent]
    The fuck is goin' on?


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