50 Cent - Simply The Best Lyrics
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    Simply The Best

    Woah, woah, watch what you doing, sir, watch the gates, man
    Oh my bad, my bad
    This is Armani, right here
    This is tailormade, man, this ain't that Jamaica Avenue shit (hardly, hardly)
    You know? Hand me my cup flakes

    I'm simply the best, I got a beam with the stuff
    I take dimes up off the math, and put a million in his smile
    Let's talk money, move when the beast come out
    My nigga, I'm what the East about (50 Cent)
    All these serious radios stock three dollars and shit
    Now it's up the nine, yeah, nigga, yeah
    I make a mill' here, blow a mill' there
    Prolly with exec's doing lunch in the lair
    Y'all niggas get to stay in the hood, I'on care (damn)
    I'm out in Beverly Hills, I'm cool right here
    I'm still single 'til I find the baddest bitch in the planet
    Jay got Beyonce, JD got Janet
    Everything you see going down, nigga, I plan it
    I'd explain it to you homie, but you wouldn't understand it
    It's the king, 50, grrah

    Yeah, it's the union, haha
    Grrah, it's PI, deal on the West, Spider Loc, what up nigga? Haha (Jay Built, that biz'!)
    Kill, kill, Mike Lighty


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