AbysmalChaos - DEFEAT with LYRICS Lyrics
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    Black Imposter:
    Played the game, your decks been stacked
    Your life ended, and you will fade deep into

    Crying for help, nothing returns
    The game's over, last alive, was left to die


    Feeling the knife plunge into your spine
    For it is you who's run out of time
    Killed all the crew, I'm no saint
    Deceived all till the end, they all fall
    Call for medic, nobody hears
    All mechanics
    They're stacked against your favor
    Cannot get away from the imposter
    Locked on target
    Ending the same way they all fell

    Crying out for help they thought
    They can't die!
    Then they finally learned they

    Dismay reigns, oh don't you see?
    Oh wait you can't, your end is me
    The pain you beckon, I will be
    And you seem to know you can't flee so
    Dying, trying, crying, fire
    You will burn inside the pyre
    Nobody will every miss you
    There is no god, pain will ensue
    God doesn't exist, so listen
    Die right here, no fight, no hissin'
    Called for a fight, I'll go all night
    Trying so hard, so don't lose sight
    Calling for help in the dark
    They're all dead, you just lit the spark
    The knife of mine, blood stained all over
    Hoping that you got a lucky day
    Why do you persist?
    Is there a goal?
    Or will you take the toll now?

    Everyone is calling
    It's your fate
    Trying hard but you can't

    Calling for the end to kill
    Beckon for a double kill
    Here I stand, I break your will
    But you insist, fighting still

    The darkness approaches you
    You see that light shining through?
    That's the blade nearing your face
    Just aboutta' end your race

    Crewmates and Imposters reign
    Lil' Boyfriend you're in the wrong game
    Your death will always be the same
    Blueballed, causing you to go insane!

    Lil' Crewmate gonna cry
    Once I spot you with my eye
    In this world you will die
    You will learn that you can't fly
    Everything is falling away
    You know that I am here to stay
    You'll find that it's you that I slay
    Coming to the end and say goodbye!


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