AbysmalChaos - GOTTA GO with LYRICS Lyrics
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    Larry wang is my best friend

    I'm handsome
    I'm a discord moderator
    I'm a chronic masterbator

    People say I changed, I shit my pants I had to change
    People say they the shit, they ain't even farted yet

    Larry wang is my best friend
    What the hell man?
    I do cum, I do cum actually U doHey there american, how you doin' today?
    Been at least two days since your last school shooting, are you feeling okay?
    Maybe tomorrow, maybe today?
    Oh well, I'm sure you will get your fixLord X:
    Running, playing
    Caught within my fray
    You will be my prey
    Until then, you will die today!


    Faster you can see, a Genesis forms our Sons
    A cult that worships, it's no more!
    For you have come back
    Just to see what is in store
    No more LAUGHS!

    Plat the tape, never succeed
    Caught in a heaven, lead down to hell
    Now you fight through hundreds of
    I won't allow you to see the light of day again
    For you'll find you met a story end
    We live...

    We learn!

    We burn...

    As we turn...

    The endless sight of corpses
    Burns your brain u into scraps
    And soon you'll be held by death's final straps

    None left!
    And soon you will hear
    As doom rings through your sorry ears
    And you'll find the end is closer in sight!
    You'll die with me in here!

    Nothing and everything
    It all comes back together!
    Hearing as fates one bell
    Clock in once again
    Hearing as X has found
    The being causing issues
    Left to burn away forever
    Replaced by a better master!

    Calling all the gods together
    All to fail, to fall together
    As we travel through another nether
    A hellscape of terror and demise!
    Teeth bared...

    As we're slowly torn apart!
    We still try to keep heart
    Kept together by a few threads
    Kept apart by broken hands, now!


    Never succeed!
    We've run far, we CAN'T
    Stuck inside of a forgotten land!
    To the point of all our dreams being canned!

    You've fought a losing battle, how SAD!

    This isn't the way to go
    Turn back, REGRET!

    Come on now, one last chance kid!

    We run now, as fast we can...

    Would you say it's gone to plan?

    Destination burning so bright!
    Existence in shadow
    Escape from the light!

    Now you'll see!

    Come with me...


    You can try, never succeed
    For they've all died

    You can keep choking on the ash you find
    But you will rot away, there's no more time!


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