AJ Mcloughlin - The Golden Crown Lyrics
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    The Golden Crown

    [Verse One:]
    I'm forever breaking my stride
    Slipping over the edge line
    Going for the tackle
    Too hard it's a foul
    Let out a growl in fury
    And I am thee
    AJ Mcloughlin
    There will never, ever, ever, ever
    Be someone like me again
    Your nothing but the minutemen
    When is Ben Ten back on telly?
    Shut up sis I heard you the first time
    Memories I cherish
    One day fam will perish
    But thеy always go in my heart
    At the end of thе day it feels like I'm the one in the Golden Crown
    Bloody hell must be a hella lot more difficult somewhere else
    For I am most privileged to be a white male
    But It shouldn't be that it's this way
    And now I send you too space
    Be grateful, tough kid

    Break My Heart
    The Golden Crown
    Is Safe In My Vault
    Break me down
    And I'm up
    Money finally to me
    Are the world

    [Verse Two:]
    Shush, this my rhymes
    My Times, My time to shine
    I'm the first in line and this isn't no grime
    What's up my slime?
    Stop doing all of this crime
    I'm stuck in this pair
    Standing everywhere
    No one even cares
    Deaths in your nightmares
    My strength as good as a bears
    Passing the fence whilst eating squares
    Where's the chairs?
    I've been standing for millenniums
    Playing drums, breaking my thumb
    What have you let me become?
    Racist scum make it numb
    Welcome to my kingdom
    Let me know when the war is over
    Drover drove me to Dover
    Rolls Royce and a rover
    This ain't no friendly takeover
    High Flyer, watch me here I go
    Take me to the River Nile
    Make me a new lifestyle
    Meanwhile, ima hit up John Cena
    I'm still the phenomenon, bitch, yeah

    Break My Heart
    The Golden Crown
    Is Safe In My Vault
    Break me down
    I'm up finally
    Money to me
    Are the world

    [Verse Three:]
    Call me undertaker
    No badass biker
    They say ima live forever
    Call me a superhero
    Still carrying around a wheelbarrow
    Like a farmer in Bristol
    Call me Bristol's own, Ima be the best
    Climbing to the top well, until I stop

    Wanna see me do my dance?
    They say there's no rebirth
    Yeah, ha, well then say that to the gulag
    Big Bang theory make that Stuff expand not
    An atmosphere that can just not cope
    But once again there's still hope
    They say it's legal to kill a
    That's cringe man but no man, myth or legend said that
    Was Donald Trump a democrat?
    They say you live once
    That's facts
    But stop telling me this and that
    You writing a poem?
    Nah, man, that's a rap
    See You Later Man, ima go open up a Coca-Cola Can!
    To me, the world
    Is motherfucking family!
    I'm the one in the motherfucking
    I'm the one in the motherfucking, Golden Crown!


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