AJ!NN - POP OUT Lyrics
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    [verse 1]
    What is the total?
    God with the blade, now I'm looking like Kotal
    This song only lasting one minute
    So I don't really have enough time, I ain't getting too vocal
    Said he want smoke, but he don't want the action
    Pop out with a 30, I get to subtracting
    I'm watching yo wig get split like a fraction
    Put words on his grave like IG captions

    [verse 2]
    It's no competition
    Like who is you dissing
    Pull up to yo crib and you freeze like a lag spike
    You always be stalking but never be talking
    You catching these bullets, don't believe in a fair fight
    Relying on feats, that bitch is a leech
    I'm taking the aux cuz that shit was ass
    You switch up for clout, what's that shit about
    He saying flame on when I turn him to ash
    We smoking his pack

    [verse 3]
    FLI, VB, I'm up with my dawgs, ain't talking that Pedigree
    You come up off features and say you the goat
    An unbearable ego, you sounding like Kxtamine
    I'm only 5'9, working 9 to 5
    I'll hit you with this 9 like 5 damn times
    I first held a 9 when I was 'round 5, don't play pussy cat
    You ain't got 9 lives
    I came with the reaper like Billy and Mandy
    He wanna go home, got him singing like Sandy
    He leaking out knowledge, he looking like Patrick
    Showed him to his momma, that bitch going batshit
    You speak on my name, I'll shoot you and yo friend
    Nut in her eye, now she watching my kids again
    Been making moves like I got ADHD
    Keep testing my patience, I'll go on a killing spree biiii-


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