Akuno - Crush Lyrics
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    (oh shit.)
    She’s bulletproof half of the time
    I’m situated in my statement
    Broaden horizons let me face it
    I’m quite the man to get in the way yet
    Mad pursuit and i’m in a daze, in a craze as i graze the touch of this woman, as i gaze w my eyes against her silhouette
    She got the body that make a man go against his head
    In a split of morality beside of me she sits
    As her man is to the right of me
    Talkin saying things that blend w the wind
    It’s not that i don’t respect him or expect him to submit and be subjected to cuckholdry
    I'm no fuckboy or player we do things we don’t believe in
    I swear i care for their marriage and love don’t grieve yet

    It was just one time, one time, one time
    “It was one time, I swear,” I told him
    “It was one time, one time, one time, one time i swear” I said, I told him

    In the end in their bed I respect them
    Didn’t go as far as I’d like I respect him
    “you aren’t full time proof” it’s expected
    The statement cut a little bit but it’s expected
    And their relationship know I wrecked it
    All i am is meant to be the second
    This a race towards the end i finish placed whatever ranking don't matter it’s a finish race
    I’m the best man at the alter watching this woman
    I crave her touch upon my all but he gettin it today
    I curse her touch thats my karma that is soon to come
    All of em are waiting for the kiss and damn i missed it
    Turn my head as it happened & the crowd start singing
    Wonder when truth should come commence the bleeding
    I stay quiet if she wanna keep it keep quiet but I'm lookin in his eyes i could tell she didn’t want me to say it was a one time
    One time one thing but I hope to god she lying cause fuck that ring
    He’s my best friend but fuck y’all’s love
    Confessed to his ass while I drunk of drugs
    The shock on his face was amusing to me
    The fist that followed was confusing to me
    Brawling on the floor for nothing like what for?
    Just to have you grab him and tell him I meant nothing it was...


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