Andrew Peterson - The Thing About Airplanes Lyrics
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    The Thing About Airplanes

    I left on a jet plane for faraway lands
    And my expectations are much less than grand
    'Cause I'm sitting here next to this overdressed man
    And I only want you next to me

    Well you know I love flying, especially at night
    And I asked for the window but I got the eye
    And I'm grumbling next to this overdressed guy
    And I only want you next to me
    Yes I only want you next to me

    Now this high road I've taken, this distance that kills
    Would be easier traveled if not for thе guilt
    'Cause it ain't circumstances that drove us to this
    No, I chosе to be flyin' away

    But that really don't matter that much, I suppose
    In light of the distance between us that grows
    'Cause I'm here and you're there now and all that I know
    Is I don't want to be on this plane
    No, I don't want to be on this plane

    Now these clouds appear solid but the plane barrels through
    An illusion of substance without any truth
    So I'll rest on Your wings, Lord, and savor the view
    And I won't let my fear in the way

    And I'll try to consider it joy while I'm here
    'Cause I read that I'm blessed if I persevere
    God fashions a crown from the pain and the tears
    And He carries us all of the way
    Oh, yes He carries me all of the way

    Now the thing about airplanes I noticed this time
    Is you can't look ahead and you can't look behind
    But you can see where you are when you look out the side
    You can try to recover some peace

    In these thunderhead mountains all cottony white
    The works of my Maker, I'm flying beside
    But I can't hardly see past this overdressed guy
    Oh, I only want you next to me
    Jamie, I only want you next to me


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