Angel Delgado - Hue and Cry Lyrics
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    Hue and Cry

    Middle fingers up in the sky
    Give a fuck
    I could die
    Give a fuck
    I’m alive
    Right now

    Never know the moment good
    Till it pass go around
    Only things I ever valued
    Was it real
    I’m in awe
    Only thing that really matter
    Is it ceased
    I’m involved
    Please excuse me
    The realist king
    Yeah I’m grounded
    Look around
    And I don’t see anything
    Anybody step to me
    Best believe it’s a scene

    They shoot they shots
    Call clock order the block
    Big holler
    All scholar
    And I lead with a strive
    No We not involved
    Keep it casual
    Real data
    On the ceiling walls
    Breaking off
    Yeah I fuck with you
    I’m in the slums with you
    But don’t get it fucked up
    We on a go figure
    I’m in a
    I break these bars like a addict
    It’s a dime in em
    I hit the homie for the pack
    We running laps in em

    Fuck is you talking bout
    I’m the genesis
    Started out the room
    Get to building shit
    It’s intimate
    The way I run the beats
    The intermissions in
    Y’all fucked up
    Get it off the muscle
    I been on a run
    The trust funds
    Catching a life
    I see to capitalize
    They put a cap to the head
    I put the sword to the fire


    Middle fingers in the sky
    Give a fuck
    We alive
    I got real life pressures
    But to me it’s a sign

    What else
    Let me know

    Just a lil youngin’ with a big dream
    Thought I’m doing something but nothings what it seems
    Don’t even know if I’m awake
    Cause’ I’m ninety percent sure
    That this shit is all a dream
    I’m the type to present raw
    Ain’t no need for flashy things
    There’s more than meets the eye
    Like you can’t just acquaint and expect to see the high-rise
    Sometimes it takes time but you telling white lies
    And them dark skies waiting for the right time
    And they goin’ hit you when you slipping and your grip is missing
    And have you questioning the way you living, and your whole existence is a question mark
    Cause’ we don’t know shit
    But further than from where we start
    So embark to the end
    I’m just caught in the wind
    Maybe need to open eyes
    See we live in the skies
    Cause’ we really just some kids
    Who are down for the ride
    Try to think less and do more
    But each time
    Find a new test to explore in my mind
    Hadda kick it for a minute
    Keep my hands to myself
    What else is a limit
    Let me know it’ll melt
    In the presence of the realest
    Yea that’s me and my crew
    Don’t give a fuck if you feel us
    Cause’ we bout to graduate high-school
    Guess I’m not such a fool
    Maybe I will lose it by tomorrow
    And honestly that’s cool
    Just glad I wasn’t a tool

    And we keep goin’
    Fuck a end to this shit
    We goin keep flowing
    Eyes are potent
    You think you ready
    You unconsciously joking
    Now hold ‘em steady Angel, Rich
    While I prick ‘em and probe ‘em
    And infiltrate they mind
    Right now I’m inside

    (Angel Delgado)
    Walking backwards
    In a circle
    They spun
    A couple times
    Just to check
    To see if police was gone
    By the time
    Golden hour
    Had sprung
    They come to find
    Feeling emptiness
    The riches won't fill
    They out of time
    Inching closer to scene in they head
    It’s in the mind
    Tell me
    Could I really live out for free
    It’s out sight
    Nothing tangible
    It’s something to find
    Everybody different
    Looking in the veer of the eyes
    Man just hold the feeling

    Bullets travel Fast
    100 on the dash
    Might split
    A fast life
    Running to the bag
    Don’t trip
    What I told myself
    A blink and it passed by
    Staying close to 9 lives
    Another one it chipped ah

    I sit here
    In my solace contemplate by myself
    By my Lonely
    By the op
    To the cards that I’ve dealt
    Looking over veers
    It’s very clear
    We vary in self
    Everybody stand together
    Running close to the belt

    Lifes a bitch
    But can you handle
    The tactics that they use
    A phony motherfucker
    Who is lost withing the views
    Steady being who u not
    For acceptance but you ain't
    To yourself
    Gotta learn to keep it real
    And make good moves for yourself
    But we human
    Mistakes will be made
    And thats okay
    Thinking different
    Then the man who
    Would take your life away
    Or even save ya
    I do not have a savior
    Just doin what im doing
    Maybe I should go for mayor
    Ill set the county free
    Yo this life won't have a fee
    Just happy mutherfuckers who are becoming what they see
    Cause we products of our hobbies and things that we be doin this life is just a cycle yeah and you suckas steady be screwin and f’ing around
    I put it down
    Ya know
    See I ain't playing around
    Ill fuck around then blow
    And we gon start a revolution
    Ain't no more pick and choosin
    Equality for everyone
    And peace but what we loosin
    To gain u gotta lose
    Its not all what we get to choose
    So do not let it get to u
    We sucka free
    From all of u
    Lying bustas
    Jus keepin it real dont try n buck us
    Making fire music so take a listen and just trust us
    And we gon let ya know
    This is what I come wit
    Got the freestyle flow
    Yvng rich im putting it down on em bro so whatcha know
    In my heart I feel nothing
    Its like im loosin my soul
    Cause all these chemicals injusted makin it real like time is nothing this reality
    Is straight making me feel
    Like its a lie in this matrix reside the other guy who
    Done told me how it is
    Yeah he changed my fucking life
    For better or worse
    Im in the middle
    Straight feel like im cursed
    I know im sentimental
    Cause it just takes a few words to get within my mental
    Is all that i hear
    Yeah religin is a lie
    Here to control all our peers
    But listen here
    Im setting u free
    The prophecy was givin threw experiences and scenes
    See in this world im the God
    No i will never be controlled
    Im not a stupid fucking sheep and i will never sell my soul !!! Yo!!!

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