Ashy Kash - Suffer Lyrics
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    No... No man
    I can't put up with this
    I'm sufferin' and I'ma burst if I don't say it
    So, lemme spit 'em all

    [Verse 1]
    Oh! I'm a fool again
    Have been cheated once again
    But this time by the one who I never thought would give this pain
    The one that I considered to be with me trusted
    Even when all other suckers leave me helpless
    Seven years friendship, How can I miss this?
    Missin' you is like me missin' one of my organs
    Even now, I do look at the good old pics
    Reminiscin' golden days, makin' me losе faith
    Time when we startеd with all the borders wrecked
    Were too close even sun can't break
    Pics that we captured, roads that we mastered
    You gave the gifts that live till my last breath
    The parabola on your face is the fuel that gives me faith
    All the times I breakdown, you lift my soul up
    Will never forget the times when you held my hand and told me, "Just go and make it bro 'cause I just wanna see you win"

    You my friend, How could you leave me all alone?
    You my friend, How could you lemme drown in my tears?

    [Verse 2]
    Been in my crew and been in my home
    Been in my family and linked with my soul
    Cared you too like no others can do
    Never let you down even in your bad times
    What made this blast, dude?
    The fact I'm a nice dude?
    Or is jealous the one thing that separated our swing?(Hell no)
    No, I don't wish it to be true in our thang
    You know my own skin more than me, myself and I
    If I can get you back, I can even go from(Guess what?)
    Atheist to theist and worship the idols
    When love was exclusive to couples and parents
    We made it wrong so they know friendship is not silliness
    People say and say lot and lot
    Never trusted people saying, "Friendships don't stand long."
    Seen 'em as a bloody fool but now I know the real fool
    It's only me, myself and I

    You my friend, How could you leave me all alone?
    You my friend, How could you lemme drown in my tears?

    [Verse 3]
    When I say FRIEND, I don't just mean a relation
    It's a praisable hearty emotion that will never be felt via false spoken
    It's a real thing that comprise devotion
    When backlash bitches try to diss us
    Never gave a fuck about how muhfuckers reckon us
    Still fucked 'em with our ruthless placards and made 'em run outta streets screamin', "Jesus, save us" (Haha)
    The miles that we went through
    The times we spent too
    Rules we broke out
    Dudes we knocked out
    Can never be faded as they think
    It rests in our history everlasting
    But if this is how the destiny ends
    If I get a chance to blame, I can even set it on the flame
    But this is the not that right time
    This is the only time to send you off with
    A warm goodbye, bro

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