At Vance - Fallen Angel Lyrics
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    Fallen Angel

    Now that I see myself without the shades of fear
    The tears of bitterness taste strange, but now it's clear
    And I used to think I've owned a wall that's built with love
    But you have torn it into fragments stone by stone

    And you gave me a bouquet of roses
    They were black and seethed with hate
    You treated me like I'm your enemy
    You were the one who opened the gate

    The robe that you're wearing now
    Carries all my dreams and
    I hope that you can bear
    That you're just a...

    Fallen angel, digging the dirt
    Fallen angel, what is the word
    Fallen angel, down to the bone
    Fallen angel, now you're alone
    Down to the bone...

    That you're just a fallen angel
    Fallen angel...

    The words you'd chosen were like arrows in my heart
    What's your intention? Did you plan that from the start?
    I thought I'd laid out all my dreams in your hands
    And I truly hope that you know where this ends

    Jealousy seems to be master
    The reason that caused this disaster
    I feel like I'm reading an epigraph
    You've buried our friendship and love


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