Automatic (USA) - Venus Hour Lyrics
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    Venus Hour

    Beauty of the hour
    Help me to discover
    No glass in the mirror
    I’m slowly disappearing

    Fill in the lines
    Cover the gaps
    Give me all the toys that the other girls have
    Even if its sordid
    Even if it hurts
    Move into the edges put your fingers in the dirt

    (Oh oh oh oh)

    No tears on my pillow
    No heroes left to follow
    All voices indecision
    Subtraction or addition?

    I’ll be the last, I’ll be the first
    To raise from the waves
    Like venus in the surf

    (Oh oh oh oh)

    I don’t care what you wanted (Don’t change your mind)
    Just finish what you started (Build it on time)
    The flowers that you planted (Nature decides)
    Are wilting in the garden (I think I’m dying)

    Nobody knows where the passion begins
    I want the real thing in the palm of my hand
    To send me to the stars with a radio blast
    Bigger than the future, better than the past

    (Oh oh oh oh)

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