B.A.Johnston - Jaws 3 Lyrics
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    Jaws 3

    Jaws 3

    We were watching Jaws 3
    You know the one that's filmed in crappy 3D
    And you, you were fast asleep
    But you'd wake up to let me know it was
    The worst thing that you'd ever seen

    You said Louis Gossett Jr's performance seems forced
    And the shark looked like it's made out of wet cardboard
    And the mom from My So Called Life
    I wish the shark would eat her
    And her annoying trained dolphin

    Your drool on my arm
    As I watched Jaws mangle some scuba diver
    That sweet drool on my arm
    As I watched the dolphin save the day
    And free the world

    Now I wonder, are you watching Jaws 2
    And arе you drooling over some new guy too?
    Will work out bеtter for you
    Than Jaws 3 did for me?


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