​baby.com - OU OU Lyrics
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    OU OU

    Hey, baby
    Ou ou
    Go, baby
    OK, uh, uh

    [Verse 1]
    I'm tryna make money move, boo, I'm not into you
    Nigga, fuck the mouth, show me what your wallet do (Ou ou)
    Ou, what them commas do
    Heard you a baller, baby, show me what the ballers do (Huhhh)
    Ou, your friends ballin' too (Cool)
    'Cause I'm not comin' 'less you can afford the gang too
    Took me home and now his daddy wanna bang too
    Got his momma tryna choose and made his daddy, daddy drool (Oh, my God)
    (Jeez) But Benjamin my only type
    I call him my guy, he call me his [?] (Hey, boo)
    These niggas know they gotta spend and spend some time
    Said he wanna be all mine? Told that man get off my line (Boy, bye)
    I'm not really into that shit (No, no)
    I'm busy tryna get Biggie with my shit (Uh, uh)
    Big car, big house, bigger [?]
    How you talking shit from the bus, bitch? (Next)
    Hoes hurtin', it's a shame I can't relate
    Takin' bands out the safe like we going on a date
    Pockets like a fat bitch, eatin 'like they ain't just ate
    Poppin' like I'm that bitch and I ain't even dropped a tape
    (Ou ou) Six chains on, keep it casual
    (Ou ou) If I ain't Fendi down, I'm dripping Louis Vu
    (Ou ou) See the way I come through give these hoes a attitude
    (Ou ou) If you mess me [?], boo, I introduce you to this ou

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