Bias B - Back In ’88 Part 2 Lyrics
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    Back In ’88 Part 2

    [Bias B]
    I've got ink stains in my jocks, my flowes leakin'
    It's creepin' down my leg my parents peakin'
    Just another weekend on the hursty line
    It's fine 87 - 88 I think that was the time
    Paint wastes, showtrain specials, the 45th, doin panels on blue trains
    In the early morning mist
    Running from the cops non stop racking markers
    The pilot and Tempera wiht the pump in the centre
    Get it flowin', now I'm going
    Up to the train that's slowin'
    To write my name I'm leavin' stains you know my fame is growin'
    Given respect where it's due never received it
    Got fed-up the ink got wetter, better believe it
    Writers having battles one on one, crew upon cew
    Remember when CMA battled KRU
    Siapan AC, Must I reminiss on the state, create something for the greats back in 88

    [Bias B]
    USA, Dskiz, Prime 86 Spy & Wisp
    I started out bombin with the Diffly Bits and the Magnum 44
    The Posca a neighbourhood ticket 35 cents is all it cost ya
    TWB, WCA that's the crew who's still staying true and where the fuck were you
    Back in the days, back when the spraypack and dupli-color rocked the lines interwined
    Doin crime all the time expandin' my mind
    With a dream one day to rock the rhymes on stage
    No cage around the yeard
    To all the writers still rocking the lines I'm sending my regards
    From the start my heart was in the right place
    Victoria the state it's for the writers back in 88

    [Bias B]
    Do you remember racking from McEwans
    Doin back-ons, run-ups at sun-up and waking up at 2am to go spraying
    The aerosol patrol, b-boy patrol, bboys ready to roll
    Piece of paper on the Aussie nozzle man for the can control
    Panels in the middle of the day or night running for weeks
    Totolly shitting myself when the train creeks
    With the Crystal Mint Green, Pontiac Blue, Planet Purple, remember bombing the loop city circle
    6 cars all day, the Tempera and Pop-mate
    The sounds inside my headphones pound, Critical Beatdown
    I found myself as a writer in Australia doin' my best to impress sometimes becoming a failure
    But 88 was great early days of poineering
    Many dedicated but many more disappearing
    Bluey's in Jolimont DMA 1988 Kings
    Word up to all the writers still doing there thing


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