Bias B - Melbourne Madness Lyrics
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    Melbourne Madness

    [Bias B]
    The vandal is too hot to handle
    Paint a panel, when i leave I hear the rattle
    Of your cans

    Just like a flashback
    But I ain't on a mushy trip
    Got a grip on the situation, sitting on the station
    Watching the trains go by
    I wanna cry because they're too clean

    Go jumpin on fences

    Making my mark, on society

    Ya try hard transits, tryin to kill off the scene
    Wake up ya little maggots, ya living in a dream

    (ya battle the vandal, too hot to handle)

    [bias B]
    Mr Policemen

    Onto the train system

    Force it open

    Check my mirror

    Anything at the time I could lay my hands on

    Trains we slay em
    Melbournе Madness, metropolitan mayhem

    [Bias B]

    All thе way to flinders

    Don't the let the panel fry ya

    Jeff Kenett

    The junky skunky is what I enhale
    Melbourne Madness, metropolitan mayhem



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