Bias B - Rainy Days Lyrics
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    Rainy Days

    [Bias B]
    Rainy Days I'm not fazed by hail storming
    A gail force wind blowing, begin the flowing, easy going
    Melbourne beautiful one day, ordinary the next day
    Pissing down, pouring at times making heads sway
    With fresh ?
    Victorian style, typical Australian
    Ya feel me like it's hailing indoors
    Ya bailing for shelter
    That won't help ya when I open up my mental umbrella
    My brain ?
    I drop a rhyme like rainfall
    Drenches my brain
    My ears become the gutters
    In 10 degrees I freeze in typical pitiful weather
    On rainy days me , the bradley and shazlek get togеther
    The second lеtter that's me
    The b-i-a-s b double e WCA crew
    I flowing with influence
    Your getting bent to represent the city
    Bring along your raincoat it's Melbourne's rainy day committee

    [Shazlek One]

    Dissing cause i'm running more lines that the internet

    You trying to burn me strut and bias

    With my credentials

    Steppin' with out the essentials

    [Brad Strut]
    Australian Rules footy, the smell of pies

    Lyrically next to me

    Cause your numb struck

    I bring the thundersotrm

    Battling cats

    Verbal mash taita


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