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    {verse: big body bagga}

    When it’s all said and done
    The underdog will be the top gun
    They’ll never be another one
    Quite like me
    I’m the brown skin melanin
    6 foot zero
    Born in san jo
    March 10 94
    Not the bollywood hero
    You thought it be
    As we
    Cruise down el camino
    Feeling like al pacino
    Santa clara to sunnyvale
    Throw up the west coast
    Make a toast
    Wit the day ones
    That stayed one-hunnit
    Check my watch
    Who kept it real 24/7?
    To the homies
    Gone too soon
    We’ll miss you the most
    Keep your name
    Shining like a full
    Moon and boast
    My loyalty’s
    For thosе
    Who show
    Genuine love
    It’s all hugs
    Shout out to my cousins princе & vinny
    Can’t rest till i make my first 5 milli
    Then ride out in a
    Matte black lamborghini
    I was the youngest in the house
    Now the
    Nieces, nephews have came
    So i gotta step up show 'em there uncle got game
    If i ever lose
    We just turn that into a lesson
    Come back around and turn that to a blessing
    All i do is win
    Eating truffle pasta at a michelin
    Call up my sister
    Which restaurant is mishal's in
    The only goals in life i got is make my dad proud
    The second is to have levi’s stadium sold out
    Crowd screams as i come out
    All my albums classic like
    Illmatic, doggystyle & reasonable doubt
    I want my dreams become reality
    Spending million so casually
    That actually i can buy my parents a house
    Show my friends who have self doubt
    That we all can make it
    When it comes to chance better know imma take it
    Beautiful goddess in my bed
    She’s laying there naked
    I’ll go from underrated to most hated
    Top 5 debated
    My ambitions for greatness
    Can be found in a tigers eyes
    Or the engine handcrafted that a bugatti drives
    So talk that talk
    Money power respect lox
    Give me props
    Don’t give me daps
    What you trynna pull out that hat
    Silly rabbit yeahh trix are for kids
    But these raps are grown man business
    So you know what it is
    Everyone can talk they shit
    But if you ain’t someone i respect
    Dirt of my shoulders
    I don’t even really bother wit it
    Cause rap is necessary
    Money is secondary
    I’m working till
    My music be my highlight reel
    And then i’ll help other artist
    Make 7 figure deals
    At the end of the day
    Hip hop is my zeal
    To keep it real
    This ain’t for the 15 minutes of fame
    This for the next 15 years
    Rap respecting my name
    I upgrade to first class
    Switch to a private plane
    House on the hills
    Tennis courts a pool & private lane
    As i look over the city
    Celebrate with champagne, reminiscing
    How i took over the game
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