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    As I ride through the city late at night
    Thinking about life
    Blunt in my left hand
    Wheel in my right
    Windows down as I take a puff
    Cruising street lights
    Thinking about my past
    My future looking bright
    Everything I am not
    Made me everything I am
    Shout out to my friends my teachers & my fam
    Class is in session & living life is the lesson
    It can have you in checkmate
    Word to Rey ressureccion
    Like a game of a chess
    Think first before move
    Calculate every step
    Be careful what you choose
    I just wanna be the best
    Im ready to show and provе
    I got the liquid swords
    My car always plays the Wu-
    Tang Gang Bang East Side Thangs
    Oakland to San Jo
    Slang weed cokе pills
    Snatching your gold chain
    The city’s alive the city always creeps
    The eyes wide shut
    But I hear the city speak
    When the city goes to sleep
    The giants come out
    And the sharks got to eat
    Police driving through the streets
    As I’m cutting into alleys
    I welcome y’all to Silicon Valley (x2)
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