Birdman & Juvenile - Tonight Lyrics
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    [Intro: Juvenile]
    (Rich Gang)
    Shit these niggas got all this bullshit to offer
    These bad ass conversations, stupid ass excuses
    I got good love for you, a whole lot of it
    That's what I got to offer, baby
    You know what I’m sayin'?
    Got a lot of money but that ain't what I’m tryna give you right now
    Not right this motherfuckin' moment, good love, yeah

    [Verse 1: Juvenile]
    Drop it like a felon, do it with integrity
    Hoes hatin' on you, girl, ignore 'em, that's the jealousy
    Say I got a swagger like a nigga from the '70s
    I took you out of Conquer Hill and moved you up in Beverlies
    I squeeze that ass like a pair of pliers
    Then I roll on that ass like a spare tire
    You know I'm fire if you woods and I done passed by you
    Bitch, I be all up in your head like a hairdryer
    You don't let me get them drugs, I don’t care about you
    ’Cause you gon' make me drop you off like a cab driver
    ’Cause ho, you know you livin' dirty, let me stare at you
    Put this dick up in your spine, bitch, I paralyze you

    [Interlude: Birdman]
    You know, some of these hoes be just on the goofy shit
    While a nigga tryna come upstairs, you heard me?
    Bitch pull up playin', all that cap shit, uh

    [Verse 2: Birdman]
    Fresh iced up gumline
    One time, so we did it on the sunshine
    Big time, High Life on the flat line
    Frontline, so we did it on the sunshine
    West Side, hot top
    Down bottom where we do it and we don't stop
    Gunplay, nigga ’bout it, nigga, one hop
    One stop, one pop, nigga, one drop
    One pop, one stop, nigga gon' stop
    She'll play, she'll lay, but she gon' pop
    Real nigga from my hood and we won't stop
    Real nigga flood the hood and we go shop
    Bloodline, nigga

    [Outro: Birdman]
    Rich Gang

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