Blick Jagger - Spin Da Bin Lyrics
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    Spin Da Bin

    It's Blicky
    Blick Jagger
    Uh oh oh oh!
    I'mma let it blow!

    Homie, how you doing?
    You were online talking tough on IG Live and now you
    Got me feeling like Wayne Wonder, it ain’t no letting go
    Take a shot of this here Patrón and it’s gon’ be on
    V.I.P. done got way too crowded
    So I’m sneaking inside with the 9
    See ya, chillin’ with your shorty in the back with your team
    (Ayo, that's him?)
    Walked down , let off, FAH FAH!, then everybody screamed
    They said “Ohhhh! That nigga wildin'
    Your team ain’t even ride, they all ran outside
    But the funny thing is, wе gonna get 'em later

    Pray for your friеnds (Pray for your friends, homie)
    'Cause we gon' spin da bin
    (Oh! We circling back, homie, and don't care)
    How you want it? (They all gon' die, ohhh, before I leave)
    We got dracos and FNs (Oh! That's the price of trynna play me)

    It's Blicky
    Blick Jagger

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