BlocBoy JB - Beast Mode Lyrics
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    Beast Mode

    Hey man, hah
    I'm in beast mode, you feel me?
    Feel like Marshawn Lynch in this motherfucker, you heard me?
    Ayy shut up lil ho
    They ain't talkin' 'bout shit anyway
    Always laughing at shit that ain't really just be funny
    You know get you some money
    Man matter fact break the cigar down, make yourself useful ho

    I'm in beast mode
    I'm a dog, put me on the leash mode
    Hungry, I'm so hungry, I'm in feast mode
    GTA, left down right up, ayy I got cheat codes
    Plug with the chicos, they call me amigo
    Nigga tried to rob me, he must thought this shit was water
    Heard his daddy dead, time to send him to his father (that's on my mama)
    Married to the money, told her meet me at the altar
    Throw a bullet at you and you caught it, Miles Austin
    Stone Cold Steve Austin, flexing like a wrestler
    Spongebob, tartar sauce, flip it with the spatula
    Fucked your bitch and pulled her tracks, she got mixed and mastered
    Get my granny headed to the Bay, now that's a Packer
    Thumbin' through the twenties backwards just because it's faster
    Call you niggas Adam Sandler 'cause they is some actors
    Bitch I'm respected, no pastor
    You smell the kush every time I walk past you
    Your bitch she watch me like I was a plasma
    Polo tee, rock [?] Castro, ayy
    Don't give a fuck what a hater say
    By any means, bitch we gon' make a way
    Thirty-six bows on the interstate
    Andalé, andalé, andalé
    You say that you got it, ain't nothin' else to say
    I call up my takers now they on the way
    They won't hesitate to take a nigga's face
    Chopper up on him, make a nigga race

    Woo, beast mode, beast mode, beast mode
    Like I said man, I feel like Marshawn Lynch in this motherfucker man
    I'm tryna get thirty of them touchdowns and get up in the backfield, you feel me?
    Beast mode, beast mode, beast mode

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