BlocBoy JB - No Chorus, Pt. 10 Lyrics
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    No Chorus, Pt. 10

    Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
    Shit (Ha, ayy, word), shit
    Gotta take a shit (Word), gonna fuck your bitch (Yeah)
    Get to takin' shit, fuck your bitch up on her knees, man, you know what I did
    Hahaha (Ayy, ayy, ha)

    No Chorus, Pt. 10, finna cop a van
    Pop a nigga ass like a fuckin' Perc' 10
    Hit him with the bag like I'm in the first dance
    Thirty to his back, leave him gone with the wind
    I'm gettin' head like a motherfuckin' mannequin
    If you gon' bust at me why is you panicking?
    Thirties all up, leave a fuck nigga vanishing
    I hit him up, ain't gon' lie, it was challenging
    Say he getting money but where it's at?
    I'm the alley, O'Malley cat
    I'm in the jungle with lions and birds
    To the left, that's how I like my hat (crip)
    Freak hoes, I'm striking it
    Beat 'em up, Mike Tyson it
    Fuck the bitch, he ain't liking it
    Made a post 'bout me, lost his life today
    I'm 'bout to pull up
    I'm driving fast, I thirtied the mag, you know what it's full of
    He 'bout to crash 'cause I shot his ass before he could look up
    That nigga shook up, brain got took up, names got looked up
    Commissary, get your books up
    What's wrong with him?
    AR to his head, I'm 'bout to dome-split him
    Heard a nigga want me dead, I had to go'n get him
    Put bananas to his head like Donkey Kong hit him
    My money long nigga
    Yours small, mine tall, get your own nigga
    I was only fourteen beating grown niggas
    Got big forty with the beam, this ho go long nigga
    Ain't no way that I'ma miss and hit the wrong nigga
    Chopper get to spitting wherever, bullets get to hitting whoever
    Bitch I keep the eagle, no feather
    Shoot a nigga just for the pleasure
    Nigga better not play 'bout my cheddar
    Nigga's ass better know better
    Say one thing, spark him up with the Beretta
    Bitch I got them rounds like I'm Floyd Mayweather
    Mayweather, bitch I'm hot like May weather
    Forty on my side like we go together
    Y'all niggas broke and y'all hoes too
    Pussy ass nigga I expose you (that's on my mama)
    She suck my dick, baby girl got no tooth
    Connect with the plug like I'm wifi or bluetooth
    I remember days when I had to wear Fubu
    When you a nail everybody wanna screw you
    Shop with me, shop with me, I turn a drug deal to a robbery
    I gotta kill him, on crip ain't no stopping me
    He tried to play me like I was monopoly
    Damn, damn, scratch a nigga out his Lamb
    2013 Lito, bitch I go HAM
    I got chill like Doritos, no food stamps
    We making moves and shit, my niggas be hitting licks
    Shot a nigga down just like a cigarette
    If he on some business shit
    Load the forty Glock up and go hit some shit
    I swear we ain't missing shit
    I would never ever fuck on a groupie bitch
    Unless she give benefits

    Hold up, I think I fucked up on my ass, lyrics gotta go over
    Then them niggas hating on me, pull up in that Rover
    Fucked a bitch last night, only bought her a soda
    Gang, and I'm up off in a Lamb, I pull up, whip through in a Lamb, yeah yeah yeah
    Fuck on your bitch I go HAM, fuck on your bitch I go HAM, yeah yeah
    Fuck her and tell her to scram, fuck her and tell her to scram, ayy, yeah
    Green eggs and ham, ham
    I'm tellin' ya, I'm tellin' ya man


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