Bobbie Gentry - Hurry, Tuesday Child Lyrics
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    Hurry, Tuesday Child

    Hurry, Tuesday child
    It's time to be a-goin'
    Your good news day child
    Has come at last
    Hold your chance in your dusty hand
    One way ticket to a promised land
    I understand

    [Verse 2]
    No more blues day child
    Hard time is far behind you
    Hurry, Tuesday child
    Your fortune's gonna find you
    Oh, the good life is just ahead
    Satin shoes and a feather bed
    Instead of

    "Yes ma'am, no sir, yes sir, right away, sir"
    No more "Week's done, may I have my pay, sir?"
    No more have to do, can't do, don't do
    Here's your chance to do anything you want to do

    [Verse 3]
    Hurry, Tuesday child
    Go on before it's too late
    Dream comes trues-day child
    Comes once and it won't wait
    Slip all you own in a paper sack
    Got nothin' to hold you, got nothin' to pack
    You won't be back

    Tuesday child


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