Bobbie Gentry - Refractions (Demo) Lyrics
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    Refractions (Demo)

    One, two, three, four

    I had a most distressing dream last night
    I dreamed I was a crystal bird
    Caught in perpetual flight
    I'd ascend and glide and descend and ride
    On the wind and never alight
    I had a most distressing dream last night

    Glass enclosed, exposed wherever I flew
    With no control and a crystal soul
    That one could see right through
    No ethereal nest where I could rest
    I was frightened by what I knew
    For my two crystal legs were broken in two

    When I awoke my heart was beating fast
    As if all night, in endless flight
    An eternity had passed
    As I shook my head and slipped from my bed
    Released from the prism at last
    I stepped upon a bit of shattered glass


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