Boss Don - Bands Lyrics
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    Hella Bands Six Figures
    Building brands sick with the
    Money flow switching goals
    Shit they never know
    See bout three, four, five zeros I don't never slow
    In my circle running laps jumping through these hurdles
    Dodge the hate avoiding fakes smooth watch me swerve through
    Levitate be so great wait they revert to
    Gossip talk behind my back shit they divert to
    Slick moves, thinking that they low
    Little do they know I thought moves ahead of they show
    Slow with the reaction niggas won't catch the boy lackin'
    Not into capping get a satisfaction when I'm running through goals while laughing
    Shit is a joke but I hope for the best
    Not with the drama or stress
    Putting my focus and passion my all into music can't settle for less
    This is chess not checkers, All my moves strategic
    Anything depreciating I can't have or need it
    Any goal I set exceeded no foot off the gas
    Fuck I look like just passing or settling for last
    In a class of my own shining my own throne
    Best thing I did was be me stay in my zone
    Whether alone or with my team Ima get this cream
    Stack my bread and paper count this money chase my dreams
    Streams of income is the motive get paid while I sleep
    Making business moves up the ladder where I leap
    I just reap what I sow act on what I know kill these goals
    So sick with the flow they never know how I switch and go
    From being laid back to showing niggas I'm the one
    Either way, I'm in my bag sauced and lit having fun


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