Bowling for Soup - Captain Hook Lyrics
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    Captain Hook

    She looks at me and my world stops
    I have got to let her know, before she has to go
    And I hope she does not confront me
    Cause I might never find the words I've got in mind

    And I don't know
    No, I don't know what to say when I'm around you
    And I, I don't know just what to do
    You must know the way I feel by the way I'm acting
    Yeah you know, I'm so crazy
    I'm so crazy about you

    She tries to catch me, I won't stop
    She grabs me by the hand, I knew she'd understand
    She kisses me and my heart stops, she asks me If I'll dance
    And I said I'd love the chance

    She tells me that I am the one that she's been looking for
    I only hope that it is true
    And if I tell her that her image never leaves my mind
    Will she say she loves me too?


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