Bowling for Soup - Dance With You Lyrics
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    Dance With You

    What's it mean to be alone now?
    How's it feel to be by yourself?
    You got me, I didn't get you back
    Then you got me again

    You got inside through a hole in my defenses
    And how you fit I'll never understand
    But you got into me and I got into you
    And now I wanna do it again

    How's it feel to know now?
    What'chu think about that?
    You got me and now we can't go back
    You'll never get me again

    I only wanna dance with you

    You go up down turn around
    Merry go round and round
    Shake it shake it two times
    Do-Si-Do, Cotton Eye Joe
    Run around, pull me down
    Never gonna come around
    I'm never gonna forget you


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