BrainStormGambia - Hood Poetry(Freestyle) Lyrics
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    Hood Poetry(Freestyle)

    They say my time running out man I ain't even done, I ain't even got this shit started like an empty tum

    Headed towards the light, I'm the son of the sun, son of the gun, never that, son of the pen, definitely, penmanship all certified
    Ink spill on paper sheets, flows liquify
    If u see me all alone man don't ask me why
    I will rather hang by myself than a bunch of lies

    So can't blame me for being different, since a kid niggas did mock my existence
    Saying I ain't one of thеm, that I don't belong, is that my fault, is that the reason that u do mе wrong
    Wow crazy, but I ain't mad at that, I'm all chilled all thrilled, I ain't sweating on that
    Me being different made me stand out, made me outstanding, I looked good being me, made me good looking
    I grind like I got something to prove, I stay hungry, nevertheless a young nigga stay cruising, we ain't loosing

    Word to the Truest , I'm not to fool with, wise but I move like am clueless

    Snow whites on the feet, I'm comfy with it, like I got 7 seven dwarfs taking me in, I'm cooking good, and I'm getting busy with it

    I'm the 1 once I step up like Channing Tatum, snap like an alligator, stay lit like liquid vapors

    I notice u notice niggas when they lit quick, rich quick, move with them then u ass kiss
    Better yet, u be a yes man and u ride dicks, money dries up, damn, that's when your ass leaves

    We out here all peace, tryna squash beefs
    Gaining knowledge, spreading knowledge, man that's our shit
    My team lit, ain't a lady we can't pull quick
    We too slick, we see a bag then we move quick..

    I made my hood look good, though ain't shit sweet
    The bread split, homies flip, then they dip quick

    Sweet drip, shooting shots like a movie clip
    Your team wack, your set trip on a few digs

    Stepping out fresh, looking all pricey like a safe
    Lotta niggas talking beef, yet they never ready for them stakes
    Like they lactose intolerant, they ain't ready for the cheese
    For the grease, as she see me, she on her knees, bless my kids

    Talk my shit cuz I can back it up, word to Beenie-man
    She tryna come back like a boomerang, but this ain't instagram

    I keep my calm, as u see me now, king of my city now
    With my niggas, and we chilling now, loving the feeling now

    So fly, like I'm so high, pop like soda, its no lie, as we step in, they know its over

    I'm steading cruising like a rover, we taking over
    Got my city on my shoulders, we going global

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