Burning Tears - Ocean Of Lies Lyrics
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    Ocean Of Lies


    My dear ocean
    I’m falling to pieces alone again

    I’m tryna’ find the way out of here
    Please make me leave
    I have no reasons to stay here


    The world’s so broken, I don’t mind
    The time’s up a long ago (oh I)
    Shameless people all around me, I don’t care
    In this broken place just please be prepared

    I cannot fly it’s all a lie
    I won’t deny I want to die

    I tried to fight I triеd to figure out those peoplе’s mind
    They aren’t alive all they do is a lie and I cannot join their side

    Say what you want from me
    I need to finally get that freedom I seek
    I’m begging you ocean, my closest ally
    Without you Im really weak

    Please let me embrace the freedom I seek
    Please make me leave please make me leave

    The darkness that surrounds me
    I can’t stand it
    Should I really care or should I just leave?


    Now I drown
    Oh, was I alive
    At some point ,at some point in my life
    Was I ever fine?
    But I now just drown
    I wait for my..my demise

    I ..Oh was I alive?(was alive)
    At some point at some point,was I ever fine??

    I’ll gaze at depth’s eyes
    In hopes that they’ll soon..shine bright,shine bright

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