Busta Rhymes - Come on Down (Skit) Lyrics
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    Come on Down (Skit)

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Ayo show, word to mother like
    Right before i got the call to get on this
    "Come on Down" record with Kane and Q-Tip
    I was on my to the Black Expo back in the days
    I was driving through midtown and somebody
    Hit me on the jack and i forget who the management rep
    Was from Violet at the time but he hit me on the jack
    And was like "Yo Kane at the studio with Q-tip
    Right now and they want a verse from you for
    The "Come on Down" joint"
    So I get to the studio, I see Q-tip, I see Kane
    We all went in their vibin and shit
    Then I go in the booth after i write my verse
    Spit my shit, so at the time, you know
    I was getting tired of doing the "Ra-Ra like a dungeon dragon"
    On the record type shit, so i spit the whole verse
    And i ain't do the "Ra-Ra" ya feel me?
    So, i came out the booth and Kane looked at me
    And Kane was like "Yo, where the Ra-Ra at?"
    I was like "Damn son, thats all you want?
    You want the Ra-Ra? You don't respect my lyrics
    My bars, or this verse? You want the Ra-Ra homie?"
    So i went back in their and I did the Ra-Ra
    I did it at the end of the verse
    That's why when you hear the verse you
    Don't hear the dungeon dragon until the end of the verse
    Yo Kane, good lookin for the opportunity big homie
    Kamaal Faried, AKA Abstract, Salute


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