C+C Music Factory - A Groove of Love (What's This Word Called Love?) Lyrics
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    A Groove of Love (What's This Word Called Love?)

    Do-do do-do do do-do

    (verse 1)
    I step in the jam
    The party is packed
    Straight to the microphone with much tack
    Plug in the mike jack
    The one, the dope track
    MC's playing the (bees?) cause they lack the knack to pull slack on the mike
    I attract the girls
    And if I slip up they get the fall back
    Choose to get loose, I met a flying goose
    I said to myself the chick has come home to roost
    We chill for 6 weeks
    I'm playing, hunting streaks
    I take her around
    Show her the town that she speaks for itself
    It's her microphone words
    She's the chick I need
    I'm the Big Bird
    But time and time again, this is the scene
    They open their mouths
    I never know what they mean
    Get off the sneak tip
    I really can't see it
    How can you love a man you don't be with
    Just cause I'm a rapper and the mike is my god

    So let me ask you this question baby:
    What's this word called love? x5

    (Verse 2)
    Straight up I deal
    I never flunk on the mike appeal
    I feel blessed when I'm doing my best, you ain't real
    (Weakness she kick, the levers, the prick, the bonk whose trying to grope up the donk but I stick?)
    Back to back hits they need to call the quits
    It's just that you're trying me again but I blitz the bits to cold crush
    (You push up the bust, straddle back?)
    Hoping I won't but I must
    Hold back the blast
    Smack your little ass
    I step off the stage to wait, another grab
    Jet to the car
    Update the memoirs
    Cold (potion?) Kiwi
    I know who you are
    Slide to the car on a moon roof star
    I'm saying I'll drive but I know I won't go
    Far to the crib
    Knowing how I live
    Hmm, I wanna get in her pants so I did
    She said that she loves me, I said don't fob
    Hey yo baby let me ask you this question alright

    What's this word called love? x5

    (verse 3)
    The world is my stage
    The mike is my gauge
    I love what I'm doing
    24 is the age to drink and get nights
    And double that twice
    I was born to rock mikes
    But believe me I've paid the price to rock hard
    I've never been hard
    Nothing means much to me but this rod
    Love can be mean
    Tight butt jeans
    Girls, they only waste time, they crush dreams
    The mike is my bitch
    Well ain't that a switch
    You thinking you can pay my bills well pay this
    And this and this and this and this plus this
    Now do you want to be in love?
    I think you missed the point of me rapping cause that's what I do
    I wouldn't have time for this if I fell in love with you girl
    Can't you understand?
    If I didn't do this you wouldn't want me to be your man
    It's just fame that you're out to claim
    You need to go check yourselves you dumb danes
    I know you want to shop at Fit Like A Glove
    But to get that close to me is unheard of

    What's this word called love? x8

    (Tom's Diner interpolation)
    Do do do do, do do do do, do do do do, do do do do


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