C O L D F I R E - Late Night Swimmin' Lyrics
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    Late Night Swimmin'

    C O L D F I R E:

    (FA FA) (FA FA)
    My-my diamonds got that drip. I ain't talking bout a whirlpool

    Call me Handy Mandy the way I clutch on my tool

    H-Heard he dissin’ I’m like who the fuck is you?

    M-most of these rappers be internet cappers really we subdue you!

    Hold up fuck that!

    Actually we see right through you!

    I-I’m whippin’ up dat magic I ain’t talking bout no voodoo!

    These hoes switch up like the seasons!

    Shoutout to my boy Sseasonal!

    The haters can hate all they want but they know im phenomenal


    Boy please stop trying

    You're just gonna end up crying

    I ain’t even lying

    I was just laughing at that lil pathetic boy!

    I cannot believe he thinks he is better boy!

    Flows so cold I might change the weather boy!

    He wanna fight. I hope he is ready boy!

    I hope he ready boy, because he ain't expecting this

    When it comes to music i’m one of the bests at this

    Goin’ so crazy I don’t know what resting is!

    That boy act like a kid, he watching Peppa Pig!

    Making this heat with C O L D F I R E!

    Most of these rappers be liars!

    C O L D F I R E: (FA FA)

    Hol up, let me hop right back on the track!

    Most of these bitches be so whack!

    T-they takin’ pics they know I’m swag!

    No burkin’ but I'm in my bag!

    Wait i’m working!

    Got a bit at the crib twerkin’!

    Late Night Swimmin’ wit yo bitch at the crib!
    Pull up on you we gon empty out the clip!

    I feel like a fox I might just Swiper-Swipe yo bitch

    Stuck to my cash like a sticker!

    You may be slick but you know I’m slicker!

    Shoutout Morty but you know I Rick her

    Scratchin’ off the 30’s like I was a record player!


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