​catwords - ​blessed (​intro) Lyrics
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    ​blessed (​intro)

    Lyrics from Snippet

    Hello, Hello Kitty!

    [Verse 1]
    Hand me the mic, you'll soon find out that I’m the best
    Bitch my lines come from my head, I get these verses off my chest
    I'll see success, because I'm really nothing like the rest
    Old shit had me always stressed, but now I’m feelin' fuckin' blessed

    [Interlude - Adventure Time]
    Hold on, BMO, I feel like we should watch more of this video for clues, but you gotta promise me that I'm not going to see more weird Jake stuff
    더이상 제이크가 이상한 짓 하는 거 없을 거야. 진짜야! 그래도 내가 이 테잎 본 지 하도 오래 돼서 장담은 못 하겠네. 미안해

    [Outro - Adventure Time]
    Tell me father! I'm a mess, man!

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