CB - Still Active (Ain’t No Rapper) Lyrics

Still Active (Ain’t No Rapper) Lyrics

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    Still Active (Ain’t No Rapper)

    [Intro: Producer Tag]
    Bkay, you know

    [Verse: CB]
    What's with the lyin', what's with the cappin'
    Most man don't ride with the intented kill
    So, what's the point of the drillin'
    If u ain't tryna do killings
    I'm tryna said that, i killed before
    But my intent is drill some more
    Tryna put all of the opps in morgue
    So [?] can end this war
    Pull up on, smoke man's sibling
    Man done did it, had your bro in surgery
    This time donnies riding [?]
    [Opium?] pills, so i buck man early
    Tryna remove man's head back
    Don't hit lower than chest fam
    Touch one of mine, you are a dead man
    Dead man, dead man
    And i mean it

    [Chorus: CB]
    I ain't no rapper, I'm a driller that raps
    It's a different meaning
    I don't like to share, but these bells here
    The opps can keep it
    Just got a rusty wap, needs greasing
    But same way, I'ma beat it
    Bad on the net, real life they nervous
    Weren't on nothing when I saw 'em in person

    [Verse: Suspect]
    How man's got drenched in the A
    More than 4 blocks, felt outrage
    Lebz got shaven, Gutta try back his blade
    They both got put in their place, yo
    How many times did I chase GH?
    And Blitz done duck duck goose with the gauge?
    Yevz too greazy, stepped on his J's
    NutNut got shaved, secrets not safe
    How many times that [hit their wounds?]
    You know, that's your blood on your shoes
    But they still got no shame
    Ate fourteen plus, tryna boost his Snapchat views
    No, we don't get down irrelevant yutes
    He deserved it, if we turned him zoot
    Askar confused, like who's that yutes
    **** got packed, and left no clues
    CeeMizz get put in my swisher
    Culprit get put in my Blue's
    Gucci get put in my blunt
    We didn't drop Dotz, but we smoke him too
    Six bells get stuffed in the spinner
    Dot dot get filled with two
    The ding dong get filled with four
    We head to the 5 and turned off [twos?]
    Catch k's get paid, what AG do
    Ching, ching, baow, baow, what AG do
    Turn crack into pounds, what AG do
    Put opps in the ground, what AG do
    Smooth Criminal, i take your boo
    Thief in the night, we snatched his soul
    Just doing things, that grim reapers do
    Ask the OneSide if it's not true

    [Verse: C1]


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