Chip The Black Boy - Black Candles Lyrics
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    Black Candles

    [Verse 1: Chip]
    Black candles melt on the mantle
    Illuminating gloom awaiting doom under an anvil
    A standstill
    There are stains on my hands still
    Under light of the flickering flames
    I gaze entranced at the dripping remains
    I've done deeds, I've undone [?]
    I'm loosening screws concealing clues underneath
    I wrap things in sheets
    In chains
    I've changed lanes and switched pathways to remain free from blame

    [Verse 2: Chip]
    I don't question the source of these voices
    Their commands leave me with no choices
    Who can deny a decree from the sky, but a fool?
    I'm a dummy but no fool am I
    And though I may pay one day for what I've done
    I don't stray from what they say until the day comes
    I hold my tongue, cross my t's, play dumb
    And never leave a victim where my hat is hung

    [Verse 3: Chip]
    I ride upon a miniature stallion, no saddle
    In my satchel a voodoo rattle
    A bottle of new ties, a bat wing, a little red book
    And a [?] bundle of little heads
    In my state I best remain steadfast along my course
    Or instead end up dead last
    Racing my shadow but I'm weary
    Begging mercy from the gods but I fear they cannot hear me
    I only travel at night under the moon glow
    Quiet but inside of my head a bassoon blows

    What is that?
    It's nothing, it's a puppet! It's not real!


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