Chris And Cosey - Haunted Heroes Lyrics
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    Haunted Heroes

    "Since the beginning of time, people have had a social problem... social unacceptance, massive amounts of paranoia, whatever you wanna call it. Whatever problem it is. We're drawn to wild country to deal with it. It's a terribly good place to deal with it... as long as you do not lose perspective as to what you're doin' there."

    "Minds have been opened up to accept somethin' that we didn't even know existed. Alone do."

    "Maybe, hey, up until that point, thе enemy was just an enеmy. That moment it became personal. I took it personal. And somewhere in there, my mind changed. I can't tell you exactly when or how or... even why, it just happened. And I took it upon myself to try to kill it."

    "I was a walking time bomb for a long time. They taught me that if I was mad enough to fight I was mad enough to kill. I was scared to death of that. I had all the killing I needed, I could ever want, in the war. I walked around for years, scared to death that I was gonna fly off the handle some night and snuff somebody."


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