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    I been feeling fucked up, time gettin' wasted
    I'm tryna make my money, other niggas complacent
    It don't mean shit to me when niggas sit down and say shit
    Cause fuckers always gonna hate, but they won't step in my face and
    And i'm runnin' out of time , the clock is ticking faster
    Dont give a fuck about my actions, ain't no ever after
    A chameleon to niggas i could fake my laughter
    Why the fuck i gotta laugh if shit dont even matter
    Niggas think i sit and scream because i like the shit
    Hoes want a picture i might just get up and fight the bitch
    Overdose on vicodin
    Break the fucking mic and pen
    Ain't nobody from my city took the time to think that i could win
    Gold grills
    Walking skeleton i give 'em cold chills
    Holes drilled
    Call an airstrike and kill the whole field
    No chill
    Ain't no toats for po' nills
    Post no bills
    Shoutout MF DOOM because the flow so ill


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