Cinikill - Bloodlust Lyrics
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    Kibyrum A.K.A. [?] no justice, no revenge

    [Verse 1: AA]
    You think you're onto me for the sec of sodomy
    I need a tracheotomy before I stab ya see
    I'm fucking like funk drums
    Smoking [?], give me a chunk and a chocolate chip dunk
    I [?] words out my lips like blood from a slit wrist
    And I don't really give a fuck what you think of me
    Cuz there ain't no established thing that I wanna be
    Clean cut like LSD, I'm spitting raps that flow [?] additive [?], will I shake, it's my [?]
    Maybe, but not even God can save me
    And I'm [?] conical, an entertainment as a dead baby
    They call me Double A cuz I'm always in your CD player
    The TV slayer, cuttin' lines [?] broken [?]
    This way to the [?] and all you're waiting and watching the result of Satan C1N
    And we just take it in bottom-line, breed and desire
    Always feel the need for the fire, I'm tired
    Connect the wires, less you don't want the power
    Devour the hour [?] cannibal for the [?] ever alone
    In the shower, that's when you feel the knife in your sectors
    Like a slasher [?] is right in your mind to [?]
    Punk motherfucker turning water into wine
    We'll do it all the time, lemon and lime
    What exactly do I mean when I exhale this silly rhyme?

    [Verse 2: Splitt Pee]
    Double A, Splitt Pee, [?]

    [Verse 3: C1N1K1LL]
    Norman Bates, give me AIDS to [?]
    It's suicidal to your vital when you're turned deranged
    [?] prostitute in underage
    You left the [?] faggot [?] fuck [?] waves
    The wicked men are huntin' all you [?]
    I should take a knife and stab you in your belly button
    Criminally insane with pain, I slither down the drain
    Head the black snake when the ogre masturbates
    The flesh [?] with needles, McCartney [?]
    Suicidal imagery of the [?]
    I'm a jackal, [?] lassoes when I'm on the castles
    [?] in the masculine [?] from the shackles
    I'll De Sade your [?] the [?] deprave
    Death has a name and it's written on your grave
    C1N1K1LL is meant to kill like Mr. Joe Piscopo
    If you tryna test me, you'll get put in critical condition
    [?] wanna [?] you like a pigeon
    Re [?] cannibalistic shit [?] gets you spittin'
    Worship my religion, [?] to [?] your vision
    If you [?] my lesson, you'll suffer from a magician

    [Outro: C1N1K1LL]
    C1N1K1LL, Double A, Splitt Pee, Kibyrum on the beat


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