Cinikill - Come 2 Us Lyrics
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    Come 2 Us

    [Intro: Nataslive]
    Nataslive and C1N ON3
    Make you [?] the victim

    [Verse 1: Nataslive]
    We'll cut your tongue and your organs and cut spleen
    [?] Eiffel Tower [?] ate a mushroom
    Super Mario Bros, [?]
    [?] tore the tendons out like Christopher Columbus
    As I bludgeon when they're swinging [?] domes
    Circumference of the cranium is bigger than a dome
    [?] squirt, leave you murked with the [?]
    Brendan-Fraser will take the journeys to the [?]
    Raise because they're [?] faces with bloody knuckles
    [?] with a [?] but I ain't George of the jungle
    Me and C1N ON3 K1LL are down in Neville Hill
    Holding citizens [?] troublemakin' the mill
    Mighty like Joe Young, [?] like George Jung
    [?] blunt [?] then finish smoking the blunt
    The president'll die if he's not happily parted
    [?] decapitated bodies, the doctors in black markets

    [Chorus X2]
    His "Murder" and "Redrum" on the windowsill
    Murder on the track with Natas and C1N ON3 K1LL
    We're the psych ward patients and don't take their pills
    Hold the underground town for the mentally ill

    [Verse 2: C1N1K1LL]
    I'm Jack Torrance in the floor searching for the bloody pours
    Dripping redrum on the course when I'm feelin' like I'm Boris
    Carla has a problem with the goblins are toboggans
    I stab your bleeding mommas with my dick's without a condom
    I'm Ebenezer Scrooge when I spooge on your boobs
    That ooze out your coons like the fluids [?]
    I'm sittin' back with Katie waitin' for her razor blade
    An ignorant [?] the heads of bloody babies
    The misery is after in my suicidal chapter
    All he's touching bones like an evil chiropractor
    Taste the sludge with the Satan's blood
    The Contras are these stairs from the mud


    Nataslive, C1N1K1LL, and C Ram on the fucking beat
    Horrorcore Movement, 2009


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