Coke Bust - Plan B Lyrics
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    Plan B

    Oh, I thought, I thought you did forget to lock the door.
    (It's locked!)
    But you didn’t, you remembered it was the key.
    Oh, I thought, I really thought you were an idiot.
    But it turns out, that I was the one who's an idiot.
    It was just them!
    It was not you who was the problem.
    I judged you too soon and left the truth.
    I didn't know they used the key!
    I didn’t know they used the key!
    Oh yeah!
    I know I'm wrong, I swear I didn't know,
    That's why I'm sorry my bro.Heavy metal no...
    War shock, war shock, war shock, war shock...Don't try and tell me what needs to be done
    And don't try to tell me there's not another way
    I've got another solution that stays in my head
    And it acts as a reminder that won't go away
    Plan B's my obsession
    Plan B's my temptation
    Plan B's always gonna be by my side
    Plan B won't leave my mind
    I'm doing my best to stay alive but
    Plan B's gonna be my reward
    Every day is a test of my will
    The low-hanging fruits of salvation
    It's peaceful and painless, I envy the dead
    And I live with this eye-level persuasion
    When will it stop? When will it end?
    These thoughts are my disease and they'll be my demise
    So when will it stop? When will it end?
    How till it be over and how will this fucking shit end?

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