Regurgitator - F.S.O. Lyrics
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    He beats you black and blue
    He loves you black and blue
    He leaves you black and blue
    So what you gonna do?

    You think he still loves you
    You think you're getting through
    You think it's all worth it
    He's just a criminal

    He's insane

    He needs help but he's just too stubborn
    You need help but you can't get nothing
    So when they come with the bag for your body
    So sad too bad everybody's sorry

    You keep your mouth closed fade and die
    Take control of your life and survive
    I tell you now you've got to get out
    You've got to get out because you're better off without

    He's insane

    You deserve better than that (x24)

    You deserve better than that (x8)


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