Corde77 & Snoop Dogg - Bron & Bronny Lyrics
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    Bron & Bronny

    (KJ Conteh on the beat)

    [Verse 1: Corde77]
    Blame it on my mama, all the crippin' I see (What up, cuz?)
    Blame it on my grandpa, all the hustle in me (Yeah)
    Blame it on my daddy, I can't walk in peace (Uh)
    Grandmama prayin' that the world see peace
    She wanna roll like a swisher
    I understand I'm that nigga (Hell yeah)
    Bein' seen takin' pictures
    When she gone, I don't miss her (Hell naw)

    [Pre-Chorus: Corde77]
    She call me twice, I ain't callin' back
    But withdrawals got me comin' back
    She call me twice, I ain't callin' back
    But withdrawals got me comin' back
    I keep my hand on the duffle (Check)
    I stay on my hustle (Flex)
    Who thе fuck you think better for this?
    Why the fuck would wе settle for less?

    [Chorus: Corde77]
    Never ever thought of givin' up (At all)
    Stuck to the plan, leveled up, oh-oh
    'Fore we had bands, it was us (That's all)
    I could never change up now that I'm on
    Most ain't built for this here
    We stayed down when they run
    We gon' face what they fear
    We'll be here when it's done (Bitch)

    [Verse 2: Corde77]
    I'ma shake the shit like a tambourine
    And make 'em kiss all my pinky rings
    Bow down to a fuckin' king
    Too handsome, baby, for you to be my fling
    Eighty thousand on some caviar
    Blues on me like Avatar
    I'm a player, baby, you can't break my heart
    I built your brand, I can pull it apart

    [Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
    Doggy got things on admitted
    Bop like Diddy
    Doggy gon' bang for the city
    Ever since my nigga was a itty bitty
    He always had it in 'em, actin' like me, naw, not really
    Even played with my money
    Now it's like me playin' Lebron and dirty playin Bronny
    Same force, same source
    All in the same sport, ballin' in the same court, bang bang

    [Outro: Snoop Dogg]
    Charles hospice, what it do, nephew?
    ADA, play nations
    Agent zero
    Twenty-three, AKA Bronny Bronny
    Champion deezy
    Doctor Bombay
    Well, what do you know?
    Oh, what do you know?
    We takin' over this shit, bang-bang
    Yes, play vicious, uh
    Bang-bang, bang-bang

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