Crease Reese - WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE Lyrics
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    Why do you wanna know Whut I been goin through
    Don't ask me no, no, no Cause even I don't care

    Why do you wanna Know
    And Why do you even care?

    Verse 1
    Somethings tellin me to cry
    I just keep asking why
    Why are you living a lie?
    You don't even try
    Surving in this world is a mess
    Nothin left to do but stress
    So don't ask me whut I been doin
    Unless you want my life to ruin
    My dream is bigger than me
    One day the world will see
    The power of my energy
    Is my own misery
    Will you solve this mystery
    You wanna know how I be
    I sure would be a hole lot bettеr
    If your questions were a bit morе clever

    Repeat 2x

    Verse 2
    Life won't get much better
    It just changes like weather
    You just get your head together
    Or maybe you can get it severed
    I'm never gonna try my best
    Cause this game is just a test
    Pass or fail it doesn't matter
    Another step up the latter
    When will you listen to me?
    That you gotta vision to see
    Why don'y you just leave me be
    All by my lonely
    Maybe you can bother someone else
    And stop trippin on my mental health
    I don't really care whut they say
    Cause I'm doin me anyway

    Repeat 4x Fade out

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