Crm (AU) - Betrayal - Interlude Lyrics
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    Betrayal - Interlude

    [Voicemail: Crm & Phone Operator]
    Your call has been forwarded
    To an automatic message system
    [CENSORED] is not available
    At the tone, please record your message
    When you have finished recording
    You may hang up, or press one for more options

    Yo, what the fuck, bro?
    Matter of fact, I know you ain't busy
    You just don’t wanna pick up, huh
    And don't ask me “What the fuck am I talkin' bout?”
    I know what you did, bro
    You’ve been talkin' behind my back
    Saying shit like “Oh, Crm's trash”
    “He cringe as fuck, he won't ever make it”
    Now, that don't affect me at all
    ‘Cause I hear that shit everyday
    But the fact is, in front of my face
    You've been sayin' the еxact opposite
    Been tellin' me that my shit is firе
    And that I’ma go far with this shit
    What the fuck is you doin’?!
    You can't just switch up like that
    I trusted you!
    I known you since day one!
    We was brothers for life!
    You know what, I’m done with this shit
    Fuck you, don't ever call my number again
    Next time I see you, I'm knockin' you the fuck out!
    And let me be clear, when I get famous and shit
    ‘Cause I know that’s gon' happen
    Don't try to come back to me
    We're done, end of story, goodbye


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