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    Wasted Moonlight.txt
    Earlier this year
    Feb 5

    You moved an item to
    Google Drive Folder
    Wasted Moonlight.txt
    Feb 5

    You created an item in
    My Drive
    Wasted Moonlight.txt
    We are
    A1 Contendters
    Touch down in ya city
    Oh so adevntrous
    We stomping necks out
    Toxic and herendous
    Dont know shooters
    Who carry ruggas
    Or Smith and Wessons
    Always keep a ruler
    To show how the money
    Generating like computers
    This that make you
    Piss the bed shit
    Piss on the feds bitch
    Know who you talking to
    Come correct kid
    You'll get recked quick
    Punch you out in the morning
    Thats a breakfist
    Speak so nice
    Make ya head twitch
    And im that sick
    Snatch ya soul quick
    Bitch im
    Tip toein
    In some new
    Rick Ownes
    My heart made of gold
    So you know they try to extort and provoke it
    Highly sedated
    Lost in the sauce
    Swirling in the matirx
    Faded Taded
    Always stay jaded
    Why would I slow up
    Catch up with the greatest
    Do you wanna chill pill
    Show me how you real feel
    Watch jack jill tumble down
    The fucking hill hill
    Bum stikcty
    Bum Stickty
    Bum Sticky
    Run, Run, Run
    Rons got a gun
    Hes got it in his backpack
    Hes bout to shoot at
    All the kids in class
    That said his mom
    Got a fat ass
    Who dat? who dat?
    Comming with that
    New rap, New rap
    Not that mumble shit
    But that.... 
    D A R R i S - NARCiSSiT iNTR0 lyrics
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