D Double E - Jackuum Freestyle Lyrics
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    Jackuum Freestyle

    Diamondz on production, this one's mad
    Bluku Music

    [Verse 1:]
    Yeah, ok, let's get this started (Jackuum)
    The album's here, get your spliff and spark it (spark 'em)
    Best food on the market (yeah)
    Man try a ting, I'm gonna bark it, bark it (bark it)
    Is that me? I'll put a couple in your hat mate (it's me, me)
    Mum will come to the crib, man will come to your flat mate
    Them man are shook man, them man a chat and [?] man
    If you don't know about me you better, you better Google man and look man
    None of the man can't test, none of the man can't test
    None of the man can't test, just know man are better than the rest
    None of the man can't hold my hand
    None of the man can try chat to man
    Just know manaman way too nang (that's me, me)

    Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum
    (The album's here, best food on the market)
    Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum
    (Get this started)

    [Verse 2:]
    I used to walk with a strap back then
    Michael Jackson was black back then
    Used to listen to Biggie Smalls and Pac back then
    Chicago Bulls, that was my hat back then
    Just know that we brought the tool in
    Could've been big or small, gonna be falling
    Could've been my name that man are calling
    When you hear the album, you gonna get a schoolin' (I'm schoolin' man)
    The style is overly rare, I'm talking me, I'm not talking dem man 'dere (authentic)
    The style is overly rare (a breath of fresh air)
    I'm talking me, I'm not talking dem man 'dere
    Man want to get a bottle, then don't chip in
    All I can see is bare man sippin'
    They don't want beef, they just want chicken
    If you think I don't know, you're trippin'
    Yeah, I'm on a hype tonight
    Might really need a bite tonight
    Credit card gonna get swiped tonight, I feel live tonight
    I'm gonna make a man feel hostility
    Like Ghetts, man a got the artillery (brap)
    Send man straight to the cemetery, six foot under, special delivery (special)
    I don't want to cause no trouble
    If I give man a quick one-two, you'll be seeing double (seeing double)
    Giving the light to them man again?
    Nah, me and them man can't hang again
    If I come to the ends it's drama, I'll be causing bare shenanigans (shenanigans)
    Cah, cah, I can come with the pumpy like asthmatics
    One phone call and it's automatic
    Everything smooth, natural organic (natural)
    Ain't it funny that your gyal lookin' at me, all onna that (oh no)
    Took the drink and card, I want my money back (disrespectful)
    I'm a different breed, and everyone knows this (of course they know this)
    Causing lyrical hypnosis

    Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum
    Oh my word
    Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum, Jackuum


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